StarBelly Creations

Cecilia has been designing and sewing her own clothes since she was in High School.  When she became a belly dancer in 1994, the creation of the costumes quickly became an integral part of her artistic voice as a dancer.   Always performing in costumes she designs and creates herself, Cecilia quickly developed a reputation not only as an exceptional dancer, but as a strikingly original costume designer.  She began to make custom costumes for other dancers, under the name “StarBelly Creations” in 2002.  Now she is proud to announce her new line of Starbelly Clothing active wear. All her new items are at least 50% either Recycled, refashioned, or reused or a combination of the three. Most of the items are hand painted by Cecilia’s son, artist Joseph Rinn, and can be worn a number of different ways. Cecilia was inspired to make a line of clothing that is versatile, easy to wash, beautiful to wear, and supportive to the environment and to our community. These clothes are comfortable and appropriate for the studio, for work, for the weekend, or a night out on the town!

* a Wonderful article  about StarBelly Clothing is on the Style Spy Girls Blog, and also featured on Boise’s  Fusion Magazine

* Starbelly Clothing will be featured in the Fall issue of “Fuse” magazine.  Get a copy and check in out!

Belly Dance costumes:

Cecilia has been sewing and designing costumes for 20 years. She has made costumes for North by Northwest, FTB Productions, Ozell Imports, Beli Danse Academy, Cairo Fusion, the Red Light Variety Show, and many soloist dancers.

Please contact Cecilia 208-891-6609 or for custom designs or for information on how to purchase ready made Starbelly Clothing and/or costumes.