StarBelly Clothing

Cecilia is proud to announce her new line of Starbelly Clothing active wear. All her new items are at least 50% either Recycled, refashioned, or reused or a combination of the three. Most of the items are hand painted by Cecilia’s son, artist Joseph Rinn, and can be worn a number of different ways. Cecilia was inspired to make a line of clothing  that are stylish, original, comfortable, versatile, and washable, and supportive to the environment and to our community. So here is the fist line of StarBelly Clothing, clothes that work great for market, for a night out, or for sweating in class.


* a Wonderful article  about StarBelly Clothing is on the Style Spy Girls Blog, and also featured on Boise’s  Fusion Magazine

* Starbelly Clothing will be featured in the Fall issue of “Fuse” magazine.  Get a copy and check in out!

Here are links to the new designs!

Starbelly Wrap Hoodie

Starbelly 3 in 1 Dress

StarBelly Big Bad-Ass Bag

Starbelly Hand Painted T-shirts

Starbelly Swirly Skirt

Starbelly Business Casual Wrap

StarBelly Kimono Tops

Starbelly Half Tops

Also Please refer to the Shopping Store page for items that are ready for sale and/or contact Cecilia Rinn at 208-891-6609 or for custom designs!